Tales by Grandma with Grandma Ireti Doyle

1,500 naira only for January 23rd, 2021 special edition with Ireti Doyle. Live on ZOOM.

Our sessions are exciting, memorable, and highly loved by children…

Don’t miss out on this one.

With just 1,500 naira, you can save a spot for the kids on this special edition with Grandma Ireti Doyle,

We are reconnecting the children back to our rich culture through our timeless folk tales. The children would learn folklores, social skills, values, life lessons, new words, their vocabulary, word bank, and confidence would grow as they interact and participate in an exciting community of story enthusiasts like themselves!

The edition would be 3X FUN! (Ages 1 -12)


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Tales by Grandma with Grandma Ireti Doyle



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